Atlanta Eats is proud to partner with Butler Lexus of South Atlanta, one of Atlanta’s best brands. With a compelling story to share, Butler Lexus of South Atlanta reached new audiences in unique and efficient ways. In total, Butler Lexus of South Atlanta specifically received 20,034,705 impressions through Atlanta Eats content.

20,034,705 IMPRESSIONS

Atlanta Eats sought to accomplish the following Butler Lexus of South Atlanta Marketing & Business Objectives

Reinforce the Butler Lexus’s brand position as a leader in the Atlanta automobile industry.
Enhance relationships with Butler’s current and potential customers by providing valuable media and promotional assets across all platforms: broadcast, digital and social.
Create high quality, engaging video, blog, and web content to promote across our owned media platforms to large and loyal Atlanta Eats audience.
Humanize the Butler Lexus brand through original content and storytelling around interesting businesses and people in the Atlanta community.

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OVERVIEW: Atlanta Eats production team is working on three engaging video series to tell compelling stories while featuring Butler Lexus. Tasty Drives, Love My Lexus, and Riding Hungry videos series highlight local businesses, Atlanta personalities, and all the fantastic benefits of being a Lexus loyalist to Atlanta Eats large and engaged viewing audience.



  • Steak Shapiro & Atlanta Eats Billboards (Ongoing)
    194x of 208 Airings Delivered                             (Started 3/28/20 – 1/2/2022)
  • Tasty Drives Video Integrations (Ongoing)
    194x of 208 Airings Delivered                                (Started 4/4/20 – 1/2/2022)
  • Love My Lexus Endorsement Promos (Ongoing)
    194x of 208 Airings Delivered

1. Tasty Drives
Atlantans love supporting local and hearing the stories of success from fellow Atlanta based businesses. This video series stars an Atlanta Influencers like chefs, farmers, and designers. Chef Kevin Ouzts even purchased Lexus for his wife during the shoot! Videos produced to air on Atlanta Eats television show as well as owned social platforms. 

  • Spotted Trotter
  • Georgia Grinders
  • Bread & Butter Farms
  • Rustic Trading Co.
  • First Batch


2. Love My Lexus
Steak Shapiro Endorsement/Promotional Videos, where Steak drives through Atlanta in a Lexus talking to Go-Pro about how much he loves driving a Butler Lexus of South Atlanta – showing of interior and exterior features.

  • Park & Ticket at the Airport
  • Family Movie Night
  • Coffee Run
  • Baseball Game


3. Riding Hungry Series
This is Steak Shapiro’s spin on comedians in cars! Riding around Atlanta with local Atlanta personalities to their favorite restaurants in town. Great opportunity to showcase the luxurious ride in a Lexus while celebrating the city and food that we love. 

  • Jeff Foxworthy
  • Kevin Rathbun
  • Sonny Emory
  • Miss Basketball
  • Amber Nash
  • Bill Torpy
  • Upcoming: Mark Arum, Myron Mixon, Sandra Golden


2019 – 2021



OVERVIEW: Leveraging the popularity of top businesses and personalities in Atlanta, as well as popular restaurants and destinations we executed the following on behalf of Butler Lexus of South Atlanta partnership, further endorsing the brand through restaurants, and local businesses. To increase engagement we made sure that we were featuring some of the hottest restaurants, destinations and personalities in town, introducing them to the Butler Lexus as a brand to be followed and purchased in Atlanta. We are also using videos created for Tasty Drives, Love My Lexus, Riding Hungry and Restaurant Footage/Images from Atlanta Eats content library.


“Take Out Top 10” Blogs

Atlanta Cultural Blogs 

“Still Cookin’ in the ATL” Cross Over Promotion

Riding Hungry 

Tasty Drives 

Love My Lexus 

Organic Impressions: 1,343,835

Paid Social Campaigns 

5 Weekend Getaways Just a Short Drive Away

10 Tasty Dishes on Buford Highway

Top 10 Take Out in Atlanta: 4x Blogs 

Best Patios in ATL 

Cool Concept Coffee Bars 

Restaurants Worth the Drive 

Ultimate Guide to Food Halls

Luxurious Restaurants 

Fabulously Fresh Oysters

Riding Hungry: 4x Guests

Paid Impressions: 1,643,495 


OVERVIEW: At Atlanta Eats we increase our support by using Steak Shapiro’s loyal audience & large Atlanta network to help our advertising partners increase their reach through his social channels.  With his personal endorsement, we help gain a larger Metro Atlanta audience for our clients and partners, not only with our robust social channels, but through Steak Shapiro’s social channels as well.   

1 Hour Appearance at Dealership 

    • Made appearance to support the Grand Opening of new dealership. Brought Antico to Staff and posted stories showcasing gorgeous cars and space.
    • Steak Shapiro purchased vehicle to further intertwine brand into his life. 

Day in the Life 

    • Steak drove his new Lexus to 680 the Fan radio gig, followed by an Atlanta Eats shoot at Sri Thai in Atlantic Station and Nowaks in Morningside. 

Social Support on Steak Shapiro Personal Channels 

    • Steak consistently posted in support of Butler Lexus on all his social channels, including Linkedin.   
    • Our brand partnership was so important through the Covid Crisis we promoted the Butler Lexus as much as we could: 44x on Personal Channels 
    • LinkedIn Post – Support of Partners during Covid Crisis: 1,674 People Reached, 25 Likes, 2 Comments


Homepage Banner Ad:
34,219 Impressions

Email: 35x Insertions:
219,444 Impressions

Open Rate 14%



OVERVIEW: During this time we have pivoted our messaging for Butler Lexus to keep the brand in the forefront of the people of Atlanta’s mind.  The core of Atlanta Eats is a hyper-local, informative, and entertaining TV show, it is supported by multiple communication channels such as social platforms, robust website, endorsement opportunities, etc. This makes Atlanta Eats able to get new messaging out quickly and efficiently for our clients. Atlanta Eats used their credibility in the market place to produce engaging content and relationships on the behalf of Butler Lexus with the below Added Value Initiatives. This gave us an opportunity to show our appreciation of your business and loyalty during this time.

Instagram Live Interview with Nicole Beck  

Atlanta Eats Happy Hour at Home with Steak Shapiro

    • Fun & Informative Instagram Live Interview
    • 7-10 Minutes discussing Community & Restaurants
    •  Talked about what’s going on with Butler Lexus of South Atlanta – Included Service Messaging
    • Approx. 1,500+ Views on Average


Still Cookin’ in the ATL  

  • Paid & Organic Social Campaign
    • Cross Promotion with $200 Kroger Giveaway
    • Cooking & Recipe Contest
    • Including 3 Email Inclusions
    • 26x Organic Social Posts + 3x Boosted Posts (9 Remaining)
    • Increased traffic to Lexus Landing Page Contest Rules
    • Impressions: 1,179,250

Steak Picks Up Take Out in a Lexus

  • Waffle House & Atlanta Fish Market Videos Produced
    • Help Support Restaurant Industry during a difficult time.
  • Potential Ideas Food Delivery with a Positive Message:
    • Steak Delivering Frosted by Nola to the Front Line Hospital Workers in a Lexus
    • Steak Delivering Antico Pizza to the $500 + Giving Kitchen Donors in a Lexus