Culinary Empire


Concept Series #1

Hail To The Chefs-Culinary Empire 

Concept Series #2

Culinary Empire Vignettes

Concept Series #3

“A Taste Of The Kitchen”

Concept Series #1: “Best of” videos
Hail To The Chefs-Culinary Empire

The “Best Of” Series will speak to the magnitude of Caesar’s “Culinary Empire.”  The series will accentuate Caesar’s partnership with the most recognized chefs in the world. In addition, video will tantalize with shots of the most crave-worthy dishes in Las Vegas.  There’s nothing more powerful than seeing beloved chefs like Bobby Flay and Giada showcasing not only their dishes but dishes from superstar chefs up and down the strip. 

Content Example >
At Bread n Butter, we know how to showcase celebrity chefs. In this example we highlight culinary rockstars at the Venetian Palazzo.

Concept Series #2: Restaurant Experience Videos
Culinary Empire Vignettes

There is no group in Las Vegas that dominates the dining scene with the vastness and diversity of dining options like Caesar’s Entertainment.  Time to tell the story of the Culinary Empire.  These stories will provide a head-spinning array of classic steakhouses, legendary buffets, world-class fine dining, and decadent Italian.  Below are some sample categories that would make compelling video content.

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“Steak. Well Done.” Nothing energizes a Las Vegas audience like a trip to a world-class steakhouse.  The Culinary Empire bites into a Japanese A5 Wagyu steak at Old Homestead, cozies up to prime beef aged 28 days in a Himalayan salt room at Gordon Ramsay, and knocks your socks off with the 32 oz. Tomahawk Ribeye at VooDoo Steakhouse.

“Keep It Coming”
This ain’t your daddy’s Vegas buffet! Real culinary expertise, the freshest seafood on the Strip, authentic Asian flavors, and fan-favorite carving stations- Culinary Empire buffets have it all. And of course, it’s all spearheaded by the buffet “kissed by the Gods,” Bacchanal at Caesar’s Palace.  Travel up and down the Strip and learn that not only does the Culinary Empire have more buffets than any one else, they also deliver a product that is unrivaled.

“Live Like a King”
No place on earth lends itself to an unforgettable night out like Las Vegas. With Caesar’s Entertainment’s Culinary Empire, get ready to create memories with classic cocktails, the most beautiful rooms, heart-stopping dishes, and experiences like no other.  It’s fine dining at its highest level.  It’s Vegas after all…spoil yourself with Black Cod Miso at Nobu, lemon spaghetti kissed by Giada, Guy Savoy’s grilled venison tenderloin, and lobster three ways with Mr. Chow.  Life is good!

“Mangia Mangia”
Italians love to celebrate and so do visitors to Vegas. Let the Culinary Empire lead the way to incredible wine lists, homemade pastas, and classic dishes from the old country. Caesar’s Entertainment clearly owns Italian on the Strip with linguine in white clam sauce at the incomparable Martorano’s, the veal parmigiana at Buca di Beppo, and landing that table at Rao’s for Uncle Vincent’s Lemon Chicken. When it comes to Italian, the options will make your head spin.

Concept Series #3: “Behind the Scenes” Videos
“A Taste of the Kitchen”

Las Vegas is filled with more amazing chefs, universally loved dishes, and spectacular dining experiences than any place on earth. It’s time to take a closer look at the chefs, dishes, and dining rooms that have become so legendary.  With “A Taste of the Kitchen” it’s all about recipes, secret ingredients, spectacular kitchens, and culinary storytelling you can’t find anywhere else.  

The Legend of Mr. Chow’s
Visit with one of the world’s most renowned chefs as we tell the “Peking Duck” story from start to finish and explain why this legendary dish needs to be ordered 60 minutes in advance.

Nothing like Nobu
When it’s a hundred pound blue fin tuna delivered fresh from a Japanese market, there’s nothing like watching a Nobu chef masterfully break it down in preparation for that night’s spectacular meal.

Content Example ^
No one tells food stories better than Bread n Butter. In this example we chronicle the journey from farm to table at Atlanta’s 4th & Swift.

Deliverables & Pricing

Bread n Butter Productions to work with the Caesar’s team on all pre-production, production, etc., to include:

  • Development & Ideation of all content
  • Interior and exterior shots
  • Interviews with GM’s and/or Owners
  • Cooking segments
  • Food Beauty
  • Chef Interviews
  • Extensive interviews with diners
  • Integration of 3rd party sponsors, specific call to action, etc. as needed
  • Casting and procurement of host(s)
  • All videos to be high definition video content and sent via FTP site for download by Caesar’s Entertainment
  • Caesar’s Entertainment to receive all un-edited b-roll video for future usage

Content Piece 1: “Best of” videos
Video piece edited into:

  • (1) 15-seconds
  • (1) 30-seconds
  • (1) 60-seconds
  • (1) 2 minutes

Content Piece 2: Restaurant Summary Videos
Video piece edited into:

  • (4) 15-seconds
  • (4) 30-seconds
  • (4) 60-seconds

Content Piece 3: “Behind the Scenes” Videos
Video piece edited into:

  • (16) 15-30 seconds

Total Deliverables: 32 pieces of state-of-the-art, original digital content

Total Investment: $322,000

**Price Does Not Include Travel Or TBD Crew Per Diem**