Gas South is one of the most respected brands in Atlanta with a great story to tell. Atlanta Eats shared this story in a unique and clutter cutting way that successfully delivered 13,981,870 impressions. 


Atlanta Eats sought to accomplish the following Gas South’s Marketing/Business Objectives

Reinforce the Gas South’s brand position as a leader in the Atlanta community. 

Create high quality, engaging video and image content to promote across our owned media platforms to large and loyal Atlanta Eats audience.

Enhance relationships with Gas South’s current and pending restaurant partners by providing valuable media and promotional assets across all platforms: broadcast, digital and social. 

Humanize the Gas South brand through orginal content and storytelling around Gas South President, Kevin Greiner 



Featuring popular Atlanta bars and restaurants dubbed “Hot Spot of the Week” at 3 to 5 minutes in length brought to you by Gas South in every episode of Atlanta Eats. Each communicates why Gas South is the best provider of Natural Gas to the industry as well as the Southeast. The segments provides great options of where to find great restaurants that are partners of Gas South to Atlanta Eats large and loyal viewing audience.


  • 104 Total Commercial Spots to Air on Peachtree TV, Flight Dates – August 1 2018 – July 31st 2019: Delivered 104
  • 104 “Cooking with Gas” with :05 Promo Billboard/Tag
  • 104x “Hot Spots of the Week” :05 Promo Opener
  • 52x “Hot Spot of the Week” Integrations 
  • 64x Billboards with integrated messaging promoting Promo Code offer
  • 4x Re-Airs of Hosted Episode with Steak & CEO Kevin Greiner
  • 2x Specialty Episodes Produced
  • 4x Airings of 2 Specialty Episodes featuring 6-8 restaurants with integrated Promo Code Offer
  • 40x Name & Logo Inclusion in Promo Spots for Specialty Show

Total Impressions: 11,734,068



Leveraging popularity of top restaurants in the Atlanta market, we executed the following on behalf of Gas South, a partnership, further endorsing the brand and the restaurants. To increase engagement we made sure that we were featuring some of the hottest restaurants in town, introducing them to Gas South as a brand to be followed in Atlanta.


  • 52x Social Posts festuring Hot Spots of the Week restaurants to Atlanta Eats audience. 
  • Facebook Lives – Gas South “Supper Club”
    • Local Three, Bad Daddy’s, Hal’s On Old Ivy, Taqueria Del Sol, Stats Brewpub
  • Videos & Posts created for social distribution using footage/photos from Atlanta Eats restaurant segments and Hot Spots of the Week 
  • Total Instagram Impressions: 701,250
  • Total Facebook Impressions: 235,620
  • Total Twitter Impressions: 109,395
  • Total Facebook Live Impressions: 243,744  




While the core of Atlanta Eats is a hyper-local, informative, and entertaining TV show, it is supported by multiple communication channels such as social platforms, robust website, endorsement opportunities, etc. Atlanta Eats supporting Gas South ensured long term brand loyalty between restaurant businesses and Gas South. Atlanta Eats used their credibility in the market place to produce engaging content and relationships on the behalf of Gas South. This B2B Initiative also gives Gas South the perfect opportunity to show their appreciation for years of business and loyalty to their restaurant partners. 


  • 1x Restaurant to recieve Full Restaurant Program – Jim & Nick’s
    • 3-5 Minute Restaurant Segment, Current Client Appreciation 
    • 6x Airings on Atlanta Eats 
    • 4x Stories on Social Channels in 6 Months 
    • 1x Facebook Live 
    • Dedicated Landing Page
    • 4x Email Inclusion 
    • Impressions: 343,702
  • 2x Restaurant Accounts to Recieve Re-Air Program
    • Tin Lizzy’s & Goldberg’s 
    • 6x Airings Each – 12x Total 
    • 4x Social Posts, 8x Total 
    • 2x Weekly Email Inclusions Each, 4x Total 
    • 1x Facebook Live Each, 2x Total 
    • Impressions: 659,027
  • 2x Restaurants to Recieve Social/Digital Program
    • STATS Brewpub & Rob’s Caribbean Cafe 
    • 1x Facebook Live at Each, 2x Total 
    • 3x Social Media Posts, 6x Total 
    • 1x Email Inclusion, 2x Total     
    • Impressions: 198,808


OVERVIEW: At Atlanta Eats we want to help our advertising partners with impactful brand awareness with crave-worthy content.  Therefore, gaining a larger Metro Atlanta audience for clients through our robust daily webpage traffic on 


  • Annual Desktop Homepage Module 
  • Annual Desktop Homepage Flipper 
  • Annual Mobile Homepage ad 
  • Annual Restaurant Page Desktop & Mobile Banner 
  • Annual Restaurant Page Desktop Video Banner Ads