Miller Brother is one of the most iconic brands in Atlanta with a great story to tell.  And to tell that story to the large and passionate audience of Atlanta, Atlanta Eats created and executed a fully integrated marketing plan for Miller Brothers to enhance brand positioning and ultimately drive store sales.


Atlanta Eats sought to accomplish the following Miller Brother marketing/business objectives:

  • Reinforce the brand through regular/on-going integrations within the programming of Atlanta Eats

  • Create high quality, engaging video content assets for Miller Brothers to re-purpose across their owned media platforms
  • Provide Miller Brother with an Endorsement by Steak Shapiro, the personification of sports, food and style in Atlanta
  • Tell the Miller Brothers story through produced video content to bring the brand to life and and re-position the brand around being the “Official Clothier of Atlanta Eats”

 Total Campaign Impressions: 5,533,730

$10,000 in Trade = $50,000 in Media 




  • :15 Commercial Produced to highlighting “Best Dressed Men in Atlanta”

  • Aired on Peachtree TV at 7:30PM on Saturday’s and 10:30AM on Sunday’s episodes of Atlanta Eats

  • Bonus Airings on Atlanta Eats ‘Daily Special’ for 2 Years 

  • Product placement of Miller Brothers clothing by host Steak Shapiro who always appeared in each show wearing clothing from Miller Brothers

  • Content licensed to Miller Brothers for use on owned media platforms (website, social platforms, email, etc)

    Total estimated impressions: 5,480,000


OVERVIEW: With all of this compelling video content, Atlantan’s benefited from seeing Miller Brothers clothing on our owned social platforms. 


  • Social Posts ran on all of our owned and robust Social Platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Social Media Audience
    • Facebook – 38,966
    • Twitter – 18,872
    • Instagram –  115,429

Total Estimated Social Impressions : 125,730



While the core of Atlanta Eats is a hyper-local, informative, and entertaining TV show, it is supported by multiple communication channels such as social platforms, robust website, event marketing opportunities, etc. Atlanta Eats supported Miller Brothers by hosting, catering, and promoting an event for 20+ people who all purchased items from the store.