With over 99% of Americans owning a television, TV ads are a powerful way to reach an audience. The key to TV advertising is consistency – the more an ad is seen, the more it is remembered, and the more it becomes engrained in the audience’s day-to-day life. Atlanta Eats’ can assist with the development of creative, compelling TV content that will resonate with viewers. :15, :30 and :60 second commercial spot inventory available.


With customizable Billboard Sponsorship opportunities each show, Atlanta Eats is moving beyond traditional commercial breaks and redefining how advertising and programming content work together. More media creativity equals better results for the program’s partners and sponsors.



Atlanta Eats offers completely customizable product placement opportunities to help partners integrate their brand seamlessly into the content of the program. Done properly, product integration promotes a stronger emotional connection with the audience, as well as a higher recall rate than a traditional commercial spot.

Think Reese’s Pieces in ET. Or Coca-Cola on American Idol. Product integration focuses the audience’s attention on a brand and shines a spotlight on its featured product and/or service. Atlanta Eats will create unique, custom, and effective integration concepts based on the marketing and branding goals of your business.


Blurring the line between traditional advertising and entertainment, this relatively new medium is exploding in popularity and efficiency. Atlanta Eats, one of the only local television mediums offering this option within the show, has had the pleasure of creating powerful, branded content for key partners that have been extremely pleased with the uniquely high-level concepts & end product.



Each week, host Mara Davis presents Atlanta Eats Radio, a two-hour radio show and podcast airing on WYAY 106.7FM every Saturday at 4pm. Have your message broadcast between chef interviews, celebrity guests, local favorites, and discussion of the city’s great places to eat. Weekly segments include Locals Make Good and In the Biz featuring local restaurateurs, chefs and industry types dishing about their business.


With experience in food & dining events ranging from a couple dozen to a few thousand, Atlanta Eats has the capability to promote, organize, staff & flawlessly execute events.

Atlanta Eats Live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Alpharetta; has been the location for 3 years of featuring 40+ restaurants, products and beverages, live music and delicious fun!



As a leading authority on food & dining has become an engaging platform for fans to visit and read original web only content as well as see video and connect with our advertisers.

Atlanta Eats has a huge impact on where Atlantan’s decide to dine.
 With upwards of 30,000 unique visitors per month, more people are using our website as a decision making tool on where to dine in Atlanta. They 
are utilizing the video content and information provided to help in their decision making process.


Our social community also greatly influences dining decisions as we are engaging our fans in conversations and providing them with relevant and engaging content on an ongoing basis. Atlanta Eats is a leading authority in the Atlanta social media market when it comes to where to eat and drink in our fine city. The numbers don’t lie…our social media channels are growing daily!




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