One part TV program…

Mix that with a splash of highly interactive, video driven web content, and finish it off with a touch of social media conversation and we know your target customer will be hungry for more!

Quite simply, Atlanta Eats has become THE GO TO resource for people looking to make dining decisions. Our audience is loyal, passionate, and trusts our recommendations when it comes to our restaurant and advertising partners.

“I can honestly say, that through my personal relationship with Steak Shapiro and Atlanta Eats, we not only turned the corner, but are having an incredible success in the market. The 5-minute feature they did on us and the media that accompanied it was the single most impactful marketing dollars I have spent in my 30 years in the business.

Steve DiFillippo

Davio’s Northern Italian Grill

“The final production piece turned out to be so much more than I ever could’ve expected. The pre-release on social media gave us almost an immediate bump that weekend of around 5 to 7%. But the Saturday evening release started to spike sales immediately the next afternoon and through the entire following week with daily sales improving by 15 to 20% and then an incredible push the following Saturday at nearly 25%. But the biggest bump came when the second release happened the following Sunday morning. We were almost overwhelmed with the 40% increase in sales.

Curt Steinlage

Grub Burger Bar

“The response from the show has been UNREAL! We have been PACKED in both restaurants every day and I just wanted to thank you and the whole crew again for a BRILLIANT job! The whole Atlanta Eats crew have played a pivotal role in the huge growth of The Greater Good and we have been thrilled to be a part of your show.”

Bill Wrench

Greater Good BBQ

“Our first segment aired at 10:30 in the morning and at noon we were at an hour and a half wait. We talked about mushroom pizza and it was our #1 selling pizza for 3 months. The single greatest thing for our restaurant was our feature on Atlanta Eats.”

Brian Bullock

Legacy Properties

“Atlanta Eats has been a core partner of Gas South since day one. Partnering with Atlanta Eats gives us an opportunity to support our customers in a way that separates us from our competition. The exposure that our restaurant customers receive after being featured on the show goes directly to their bottom line. We also have an excellent relationship with Cody and Steak where we get to share in our passion of helping our customers help restaurant customers find the best spots to eat in and near Atlanta. It’s always great talking food and sharing local eateries with everyone from Atlanta Eats!”

Robert Keller

Gas South

“The feedback for the show has been great. The media exposure has give us a much broader reach in establishing more long standing relationships with potentially new and existing guests.”

Clay Williams

KR SteakBar

“When Atlanta Eats first approached us about shooting an episode at Bone Lick I thought “this is probably gonna be some cheesy piece, but what the hell? No press is bad press”. Little did I know that within 30 minutes of it’s first airing that we would be scrambling to keep up with the insane tidal wave of customers flooding through the doors…. Tidal wave? No. Let me correct that. Tsunami. It was crazy.

Every single time it has aired it has been the exact same experience. Each time a record breaking sales day. It has gotten to a point that I now double my staff on days when [our segment] airs! The show is such a fantastic showcasing of Atlanta restaurants. It is done so well and our customers LOVE the show. They watch it weekly. And now I do as well.”

Mike LaSage

Bone Lick BBQ

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