• There are more than 16,000 restaurants in the state of Georgia.
  • Atlanta boasts more than 700 Zagat-rated restaurants ranging from fine dining to Southern staples and international cuisine.
  • The Restaurant industry is a $15 billion dollar industry in the state of Georgia with every $1 spent in Georgia’s restaurants generating an additional $1.31 in sales for the state economy.
  • Restaurant jobs represent 10% of employment in Georgia making it the second largest private sector employer in Georgia.
  • Atlantans spend 57% of their total food and drink expenditures on dining out, the greatest percentage for a US city and 28% higher than the US average.
  • Atlanta is home to eight former Top Chef contestants and two Iron Chef contestants.
  • The Atlanta-metro area is home to 33 farms and 23 farmers’ markets which source the city’s restaurants with locally grown and produced food items.

Restaurants in GA

Zagat-rated restaurants

Billion dollar restaurant industry


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