Show Promotion Guide

Get excited to be featured on Atlanta Eats!
This page includes everything you need to publicize and promote your restaurant or business’s appearance on Atlanta Eats. Leverage the power of social media, online marketing, email and public relations and promotions to get patrons, viewers and fans excited to watch the show!

Official Show Name

Please always refer to the show as “Atlanta Eats.” While the show is being broadcast on Peachtree TV, it is not a Peachtree produced or owned show.

Official Website

Social Media

Below you will find various marketing tools to help you promote your partnership with Atlanta Eats via social media.

Official Facebook Page
We encourage you to use Facebook and help promote the show. Please link to or tag the appropriate Facebook page (listed above)and any applicable Facebook events we have createdon the Atlanta Eats Facebook page. Use Facebook to talk about your role in the show, where viewers can find you during the week or weekend, and to share your enthusiasm for the show’s segments.

Official Twitter Page
We would love to help make this an exciting and – most of all – easy experience for all participating businesses,restaurants and fans. To do so, we have created a couple of 140 character standard posts as examples.

Tweet One:

Y’all Hungry for @AtlantaEatsTV? Follow us for more on local chefs, signature dishes & must eats, visit #AtlantaEats

Tweet Two:

@AtlantaEatsTV … it’s a sweet tooth-kind-of-craving. We’ve got the latest on ATL’s diningscene, visit #AtlantaEats

Cross Promotions

We are excited to work with your restaurant, business, client, product or event to help promote your appearance on Atlanta Eats. Each week we will share information about your show across the Atlanta Eats social media platforms. We will also work with you to help promote through co-branded emails, newsletters, press releases and even viewing parties!

Restaurant Certificate Giveaways

For further exposure, Atlanta Eats does weekly giveaways on our social media platforms. We’d love for you to participate by giving us a supply of gift cards to your restaurant!

Media Activities

Media Requests

We are thrilled to garner a great deal of media attention surrounding Atlanta Eats. We ask that, should you be invited to speak with the media or are actively pitching to the media, that you let Jorge Hernandez know in advance. Contact information islocated below

Should you receive any questions about the show specifically from any media, we ask that you refrain from commenting and direct all inquiries to Jorge Hernandez.


Press Releases


All press releases that reference Atlanta Eats must be submitted for approval by our marketing and PR teams. Please address the contacts below. Materials received will require 24-hours in order to obtain approvals from all appropriate personnel.


You either have or will be receiving an official ‘As Seen on Atlanta Eats’ window sticker. We ask that you place this in a high visibility location at your establishment to let Atlanta’s dining community know that you were one of the select eateries chosen to be part of our restaurant family.

Talking Points


Following are key talking points to keep in mind when speaking with the media:

  • Each week, Atlanta Eats will go to different restaurants to sample signature dishes, interact with chefs, guests, general manager’s and local food legends. It is the only multi-media platform to give food lovers, fans and enthusiasts their fill of what’s happening in the Atlanta dining scene.
  • Co-founded by Steak Shapiro, one of the city’s most visible media personalities and a well-known food guy, along with former 790 The Zone marketing and sales guy, Cody Hicks.
  • Through television, digital and social media, Atlanta Eats supports the local restaurant industry by educating locals and tourists about the value of Atlanta as a food destination.
  • The program is designed to promote Atlanta’s amazing dining scene through multiple platforms:
    • Television: 60-minute television segments on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:00 pm & Sunday at 10:30 am as well as back-to-back 30-minute “Daily Special” segments on Peachtree TV every Monday-Friday at 9:00 am
    • Digital: Video-driven web content
    • Social Media: Leverage Atlanta’s online food buzz
  • The show is for passionate food lovers – even those who don’t know it yet. Every week, Atlanta Eats will reveal new cravings to Atlanta foodies.
  • Get ready to nosh Atlanta! It’s entertaining and informative, engaging and interactive. It’s Atlanta Eats!

Atlanta Eats Contact


Jorge Hernandez

Email Jorge

Promotional Materials

You’re excited to be featured on Atlanta Eats!
Now get your customers amped up, too! These pre-designed promotional materials can be used to create buzz and maximize your restaurant’s exposure leading up to your film and air dates. Just download, print and distribute. It’s that easy!

Print the Files


Trim | Fold | Post

Check Insert

  • 2 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall
  • One-sided
Wall/Door Flyer

  • 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches tall
  • One-sided
Table Tent

  • 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall
  • Double-sided
  • Trim and fold in half vertically so it is double sided
Web Graphic

  • 1000 pixels wide x 1000 pixels tall
Atlanta Eats Logo

  • RGB
  • PNG